The Romantics Art Exhibition

For Lovers of Traditional Art

Hunters Hill Town Hall
22 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill

Friday 6th september 2019 5pm
Saturday 7th 10-5pm Sunday 8th 10-4pm


If  you would like an invitation to the exhibition

please email me with your details 

More than 40 years ago I was privileged to meet a group of artists who shared my strong interest in traditional art and the works of the old masters. It was this love of traditional art that first brought us together and has remained a strong link to our friendship today. Today our paintings hang in private and corporate collections both here and overseas, our career paths have taken us on wide and separate journeys but we continue to meet whenever possible to discuss and share this continued commitment to traditional art.

In 2010 we decided to hold a joint exhibition to showcase our art and to promote and support the values of traditional art. The exhibition proved to be a success and we had so much fun sharing our love of art with others that it has become an annual event promoted and run entirely by ourselves with the help of family and friends. For more information you can visit our

My Fellow Romantics - James Hough, Max Mannix, Ian Hansen, Werner Filipich & Ramon Ward-Thompson

My Fellow Romantics - James Hough, Max Mannix, Ian Hansen, Werner Filipich & Ramon Ward-Thompson

We chose the title of the exhibition in recognition of the Romantic artistic and intellectual movement that originated in Western Europe in the late 18th century - a movement that stressed imagination and freedom within the form of art. Romantic artists turned to nature for inspiration – a nostalgic yearning for rural, pastoral life, the stirrings of life’s mysteries and a sense of the power and grandeur of nature.

I will be at the exhibition throughout the weekend and look forward to sharing my latest work. If you would like an invitation please leave your name and preferred mailing address details on the Contact page of my website.